Bilt-Rite Orthopedics and Safety, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Bracing Products, Occupational & Ergonomic Supports as well as a complete line of High Visibility Safety gear. Our knowledge of both fabrics and orthopedic principles are applied to every product. A large majority of our products are Designed and Made in the USA.

Your 100% Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

It remains our undying commitment to deliver to you the finest assortment of orthopedic and sports-medicine products today. So many have trusted us as their orthopedic and sports-medicine supplier of choice and our 2008 assortment is our biggest and best yet. Our website is loaded with back supports, wrist supports, orthopedic pillows, neoprene supports as well as muscle stimulators and more.

Bilt Rite provides quality medical products and services to all our customers, recognizing our obligation to be competitive and responsive to the changing needs of the health care environment. Bilt Rite has special products and programs specifically targeted to:

  • Home Health Dealers & Independent Pharmacies
  • Healthcare Distributors
  • International Distributors
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Safety Distributors
  • Mail-order / Catalog Publications